5 Reasons Why We Think Ertuğrul Ghazi’s Airing on PTV is Great!

Ever since the super-popular Turkish historic drama Ertuğrul Ghazi has aired on PTV, it has received a massive positive response from the viewers, and an equally not-so-warm one from the entertainment industry. However, despite all the clashes of whether to love it or not, we believe it’s done nothing but bring brilliance to our television sets.

From its strong narrative to its focus on the intricacies of production design, there are a lot of reasons to love its airing on PTV.

So, to the haters who have taken over social media with their negative comments about the show, here are five reasons for you to love Ertuğrul Ghazi…

1. It Features Beautiful Storytelling

Where Pakistani dramas suffer from the disease of saasbahutitis, Ertuğrul Ghazi proves that a narrative full of historical references but great action and plot lines can really trump it all. So, for those drama-makers who claim Pakistani audiences do not want to watch anything but saas bahu sagas, here’s your answer!


2. It Illuminates Islamic History

During a time where Islam is often maligned in international dialogue, Ertuğrul Ghazi proves the rich heritage that it possessed over the centuries. You may agree or disagree with the concept of Pan-Islamism, but nothing can unite the religion more than our collective victories.


3. It Features Brilliantly-Defined Characters

Anyone could pick up a historical figure and try to make a drama on it, but it takes special regard to make it as intricate as Ertuğrul Ghazi has made it. Each character has a well-defined arc in their narrative, and that is truly what makes the show such a beautiful watch.


4. It Brings Great Production Design to Pakistani Viewers

Pakistani dramas are yet to make production design a highlight for their stories, and they can surely learn from dramas like Ertuğrul Ghazi. Each intricate detail can be seen given importance in the drama, itself, and it all just screams beauty!


5. It Gives Healthy Competition To Pakistani Dramas

Anywhere in the world, you’d always see a ton of syndicated television running alongside locally-produced shows, but nowhere do celebs make so much noise about it like here in Pakistan! There is nothing wrong with a little competition, and it’s high time we learn to make our shows as great rather than sulking about it!


What do you love about Ertuğrul Ghazi? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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