Pakistanis Just Discovered Shahzeb Khanzada’s Abs & They’re Anything But Calm!

You’re definitely living under a rock if you haven’t seen Shahzeb Khanzada’s abs going viral on social media! From Twitter to Instagram and Facebook, netizens are just discovering Shahzeb Khanzada’s abs in a picture from his vacation alongside his wife:

And netizens are anything but calm!


Mashallah se humare pas dono nai hain, na abs, na jawline:

We all wanna know:

I don’t think any one of us expected it:

People were calling him a motivation:

It reminded some of Aamir Khan from Ghajni era:

You don’t:

People were sharing their reactions:

We’d all have these 6 pack abs if we did the same:

People were tagging Ansar Abbasi:

Yeh bhi hai:


Some still didn’t believe it was real:


Expect the unexpected:


And while the picture was making rounds on social media, people were already over it:

What did you think of people’s reactions? Let us know in the comments below!

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