Pakistanis Have Unanimously Decided The Most Iconic Political Party Song, & It’s Dilan Teer Bija!

When in Pakistan, you just can’t miss out on the iconic bangers by different political parties. We’ve all danced and sang along to almost all of them!

And today, Twitter is deciding on their favourite party song, for melodious purposes of course:

And we think there’s a clear winner!

People were calling Dilan Teer Bija ‘culture:’

I mean, there’s just no comparison:

Yeah, why?


Jo baat hai!


Okay, ma’am!

There were trophies already:

It sure does!



Nothing at all!

MQM’s saathi gave a tough competition too!

Maulana Aa Raha Hai was a favourite for many, even though it wasn’t included in the poll:

Some had a special place for all the songs in the list:

GIRL, listen to it right now!

What’s your favourite song out of the given lot? Let us know in the comments below!

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