Pakistanis Are Sharing Things They Think SHOULDN’T Be Normalized And We Are Impressed!

Don’t you wish certain things were never normalized the way they are in the society right now? You’re not alone because the Twitterverse is sharing things that they think SHOULD NOT be normalized, and they’ve got a really strong list!

Yes please, been hearing the same jokes since/decades now!

See them as an equal:

Victim blaming needs to stop right this minute!

Such respect for women:

“Jaheiz humari pasand ka nai diya:”

Calm down the hoarder in you!

Joking about some thing as sensitive as someone’s religion is never okay:

About time we realize that English is not the measure of someone’s capabilities:

Jeez, yes!

Exactly, stop tossing around maa behen ki gaalis like it’s no big deal:

God, yes!

Not. Cool.

If anything, it’s not at all funny:

Stop adding to their insecurities:

Stop with it already!

For all the right reasons!

Get a room, for real!

The thing that should never have been normalized in the first place:

Please, all the cities are special in our own ways, don’t hate!

Men, take notes:

It’s literally the most uncool thing to do:

We can’t stress on this enough!

Very important!

By calling them a ‘ran-mureed’

Jo baat hai:

What is it that you think shouldn’t be normalized? Let us know in the comments below!

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