Pakistanis Are Sharing Their Favourite National Sentences & We’re Having A Hard Time Deciding One!

Pakistani tweeple are at it again, sharing what they think is the national sentence of Pakistan and to be very honest, we’re having a hard time picking out just one!

National jhoot hona chahiye yeh toh:

25 minute se 5 minute mei araha hai yeh:

Haha, we’ve all said this:

Museebat toh waqayi hai:

Aisay lougon ki apni hi league hai:

Every day!

Jee, bilkul:

Youngest siblings ke apne ronay:

Bus suntay sunaatay guzar jayegi zindagi:

Every cancelled plan ever!

After 2 hours of gossip session:

Bistar se nikal rahe hotay hain tab!

The kal that’s never going to come:


Where’s the lie?

Hum sub ki amiyon ka favourite dialogue:

Unka kaam hi kehna hai, you do you!

What do you think is the national sentence of Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below!

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