Meethi Lassi Vs Namkeen Lassi: The Debate Is On!

If there’s one debate as big as biryani with or without aalu, it’s the meethi lassi vs namkeen lassi debate, especially during Ramzan when most of us love a chilled glass of lassi!

And netizens have decided that they’re going to end this debate once and for all!

And Pakistanis have given their final verdict!

Haha, yeh bhi theek hai:

Non-lassi drinkers had a mind of their own:


Team #NamkeenLassi was coming strong!

Yeh kya baat kerdi!

Don’t think it’s limited to just Punjabis, but okay!

People even went to the extent of listing meethi lassi in the shakes category:

Wait, we need to try this!

Team #MeethiLassi may have been a little far behind!

Some thought comparing the two was foolish!

No, pick one!

If you look at the number of retweets vs the number of likes, namkeen lassi emerges as the supreme winner!

But the question is what’s your pick? Let us know in the comments below!

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