Pakistanis Are Sharing Bizarre Desi Superstitions & We’ve Heard Them All!

Are you even a desi if your family doesn’t believe in certain superstitions? Because ours does and we’re as desi as can be!

Today, Pakistani tweeple are sharing the superstitions they’ve heard of and some of them are really interesting!

And achaar!

The amount of times we’ve heard this!

This nation and their gora complex!

Hello, goth babies!


Same 😭😭😭

My mum still tells me this everytime it rains!


Does it work? Anyone?


Iss hisaab se toh crore-pati hona chahiye tha humain:

We feel attacked!

Noooo, we used to believe this!

We don’t see no connection!


We still wouldn’t advise that you try it:

Hum ne toh shohar suna tha:

Guest expect-o-meter!

Why not!


Who was thinking about me at 2pm today, because ouch!

All family elders who have Whatsapp believe this!

We’ve heard the same!

Omggg, we all used to believe this as kids!

Scarred and scared till date!

Why can’t we have two of the best things together?

Aur sari mithayi le jaatay hain?

Hahaha, all of us in grade 5:



How about we don’t pee at random places at all?

Wait, WHAT?

How many of these superstitions did you believe in at some point? Have more to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve listened them all just wanted to add these aswell.
    “lizards listen and understand what we are saying so we should not talk infront of them neither look at them”😂
    “if you get hiccups someone is missing you” lol

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