Pakistanis Are Losing Their Cool After Supreme Court Hinted To Ban YouTube In The Country!

First it was PUBG, then Bigo, people were thinking Tiktok would be the next app to be banned, but Supreme Court just hinted that the next app to be banned might be YouTube:

Furious at the hinting, netizens have taken it to all social media platforms to express their anger:

People wanted the judges to revisit what was said last time:

Musician Mustafa Zahid took to Twitter concerned at the ban:


People were feeling no different than being in North Korea:

Many were advocating how useful and essential YouTube is to learning:

People were done!

People were really angry:

Many were concerned about hundreds of people losing their means of earning:

People had completely lost hope:

Aur kya!

People wanted to know where the #DigitalPakistan promise was heading?



There were memes:

Ducky Bhai thought this was a good time to put forward his resume:

And while it was just a hint, there have been reports of PTA responding to the situation:

Do you think banning app after app is a permanent solution? Let us know in the comments below!

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