Pakistanis Are Grooving To Their Favourite Songs & It’s A Whole Mood!

Rarely do you see desi tweeple singing songs to each other on twitter!

And today, they’ve taken a break from the usual debates and disagreements and are having a blast together as they share their favourite songs!

Chalo toh sahi:



Farhan Saeed was real popular!

Yaad ayega:

Aa hi jayega:

Apna koi thikaana nahi:



To all the long distance friendships:

Oh, stop it you 🤭

Lmao where are things going 😂

Baat toh sach hai…



For real!


Oo jan-e-jaaaaaan:

Consent is important!


Batao batao?

Hahahahahaha 😂

Same feels, sis:

Roiyaan, roiyaaaaaaan~

Tere sung duniya aisay jaisay her soo bahar hai~

What lyrics can you connect to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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