Pakistanis Are Demanding Justice For Usama Nadeem Satti!


21 year old Usama Nadeem Satti was shot dead by Anti-Terrorist Squad personnel in Islamabad last night after they signalled him to stop and he failed to comply.

According to media reports, the police fired 21 shots out of which 17 hit Usama and he died on the spot. As soon as the news surfaced on social media, people have been furious and are demanding that the case be investigated thoroughly and justice be served:

People were disappointed:

People weren’t really surprised:

People were speaking up:

People couldn’t believe the audacity that others had:

People were calling it a cold blooded murder:

People were calling the police incompetent:

People had questions:

People were calling it extreme police brutality:

People weren’t buying the story the police had to tell:

Some weren’t really sure of who to blame:

Some believed both the police and the boy were wrong:

And while others were furious, some people found nothing wrong with what the police did:

People wanted to know the other side of the story:

People had their reasons:

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