Our Neighbours Think They’ve Killed Our Captain “Sabir” From Ehd-e-Wafa & Pakistanis Retaliate With Savage Replies!

India is at it again, first they thought there was a civil war going on at “Bagh-e-Gulshan” in Karachi and now they think they’ve killed one of our most handsome soldiers in the Neelum Valley:

And yes, it’s none other than Captain Saad from Ehd-e-Wafa. Following the hilarious discovery, Pakistanis have the best replies to retaliate with!


People were sharing the actual scene:


People were confirming the death:



People were remembering another brave captain from the civil war attack:

Sshhhh, don’t tell them!

The replies had people in fits of laughter!

People were requesting Ahad Raza Mir to burst their bubble 😂

That’s captain Sabir Khan:

Lmao 😂 what can we say, the world ranks our men as the third sexiest!



Hahaha, go get them Sajal!

Very tragic 😔


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