Open Pores Are an Abomination— Here’s How You Can Avoid and Fix Them

Open pores are very likely to be a nightmare for most of us. Imagine the big gaping holes staring at you from your face. What’s worse is that open pores get clogged most of the time and end up forming zits that make us uncomfortable, put us in pain and often affect how we feel about ourselves.

But here’s the deal pores are open, enlarged and visible on everybody’s face. They’re normal. What might not be normal and can be avoided is the premature enlarging of pores. This happens as your face starts losing elasticity and collagen which can make your pores feel enlarged. This is also where summers come in— the excessive sun can affect the levels of collagen and elasticity in your skin. That is precisely why you might see more enlarged pores on your face in the summer season.

However, this is where it gets good. There are solutions for this temporary enlarging of pores you may be experiencing in summers. Open pores serve no one, here’s how you can get rid of them!

Get The Face Wash Right

Getting the right face wash locked in your skincare routine can be a tricky step that may not always work out for everyone. Open pores are largely tied with other issues like clogged pores which lead to acne or pimples. Open pores may also be a by-product of excessive oil production in your skin. Thus, it’s best to reach out for an acne face wash that tackles all these issues together. Feast your eyes (and your skin) on the Tea Tree and Neem Face wash that is made especially for oily and acne-prone skin.

If you’re treating your face right with a targeted face wash twice a day that can help provide ingredients to your skin that it needs. Your pores need to be effectively cleansed, that too with antibacterial and antifungal ingredients that will keep your pores from getting clogged.

Products For Enlarged Pores

The face wash is also not where the solution for open pores ends. Your skin also needs other skincare products like a strong face mask or a gel moisturizer that fixes your skin-related issue. If you’re looking a face mask for open pores, the “Instant Glow Face Mask” fights the flakiness of dry skin that can occur as a result. Moreover, the “Saffron Complexion Builder” is an Ayurvedic gel. It is basically an oil-free moisturizer that contains pure saffron and Indian madder that is there to brighten the complexion.

These two products can help fight the dullness that comes with oily skin and open pores. You need pick-me-up energizers that work on building the freshness back to your skin. Prevent clogged pores with this moisturizer and face mask to have your pores clean and restored to their normal appearance.

These issues are there to stay as long as the summer season is but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your best skin for that!

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