Mohsin Naveed Ranjha Makes Waves Once Again After Designing An Outfit For The Ms Marvel Series!

Ever since the announcement of its creation, American TV series Ms Marvel has made global headlines by featuring the first superhero from Pakistan and largely South Asia within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has opened up Pakistan and its culture to the world and has put many of Pakistan’s top-tier of talent to the forefront. Amongst them all is also designer extraordinaire, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha – whose work has recently been featured in the mega-popular show.

Part of its third episode, which released Wednesday, Ms. Marvel featured a mehndi sequence where amongst the vibrant hues of festivities, it brought forward many ensembles that showcased the intricate yet extraordinary pieces of Pakistani craft that have made the country popular around the world. Amidst them, MNR had all the reasons to be the proudest as actress Travina Springer, who plays Tyesha Hillman – Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan’s sister-in-law, wore the designer wedding outfit.

The colourful and full-of-life sequence of the festivities had MNR’s signature work shown right and front, as the bride looked resplendent amongst all the joyous activities. The designer, after the episode was released took to his social media, where he wrote about how proud he felt to see his creation in one of the biggest series to come out from Marvel.

“Proud to be representing Pakistan on screen in the latest episode of Miss Marvel with our festive outfit donned by actress Travina Springer,” he posted. “Thanks to Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Marvel for this opportunity and for putting us Pakistanis and our culture on the map.”

Diva also got in touch with the designer who is truly ecstatic over this win for Pakistani fashion on a global scale.

“We all get to be part of a dream sometimes it was always mine to represent Pakistan this way and what a project to become part of I am beyond honoured,” he told Diva. “It’s a win for our fashion industry. It’s a win for my Gujranwala – Pehalwano Ka Shehar, and it’s a win for Pakistan!”

MNR, while speaking to another local digital platform, Something Haute also revealed that he was made to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and was not told where his heritage piece would be utilised. Thus, it was nothing short of a surprise for the designer too, to see his craft being represented in the show.

“The story behind this dress is very long. I think we worked on it almost 16 to 18 months ago and truthfully, I was getting doubtful now that our dress won’t even make it to the final show,” he told the platform. “I was asked to send two outfits of the same design and size. Perhaps, they wanted an extra one in case of any malfunction or last moment mishap.”

The designer also added how secretive it all had to be.

“I signed a six-page non-disclosure agreement (NDA), after all it is Marvel. There were too many terms and conditions to keep our involvement a secret,” said. “I had no clue who will wear it, when we will get to see it, where it will be featured and even in what film or series. It was just a Marvel project and I was ecstatic to be a part of it.”

With all that happened, we’re just glad to see the dress being featured in the show, and truly, it serves as yet another moment where one could celebrate Pakistan’s rich heritage and fashion craft on the grandest of stages.

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