Oh Shoot! 8 Fashion Photographers Who Weave Magic into Their Work!

Fashion photography and editorials aren’t the easiest of tasks to do, and the number of intricacies going into the processes behind them proves that. However, despite it being a challenge to do, there are many out there who have shown the world that their skill set is more than capable of making it look oh-so-easy!

Be it their creative ideas or their knack for the right image, these photographers have proven fashion is the game they play, and they only know how to win!

Who are these photographers who top the Diva list? Here’s the lowdown…

Rizwan Ul Haq

A photographer whose play on monochromes have given him a signature aesthetic, Rizwan Ul Haq is clearly one of the greats of fashion photography, being a precious diamond among the fashion world. He’s master of light and shade; a natural in narrativizing fashion and we love that in his work! Also, not to forget he’s the LSA winner for Best Fashion Photographer this year and has won 5 more in the past.

Shahbaz Shazi

Shahbaz Shazi’s work is the perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and creativity in one shot and he’s proven that in a long and successful career in the industry. Not only does he create editorials which are bold, but he also manages to retain his style through it all which is why he’s a celeb favourite too!

Abdullah Haris

A photographer that loves to experiment, Abdullah Haris is the perfect example of a fashion photographer with a knack for more. His shoots ought to always cross what one thinks fashion photography can be about, and that’s what makes him his own unique self!

Alee Hassan

Quirky is his second name and it shows! From playing around with concepts to proving his prowess in fashion campaigns with creative ideas backing his work, Alee Hassan is always a name to watch out when the fashion and photography world come together!

Ashna Khan

If there’s one photographer who knows how to make art and fashion meet and make it look like a true masterpiece, it has to be Ashna Khan. His work is the perfect mix of the creative and the classic, and for that, he’s a fashion photographer we can swear by!


A photographer whose work exudes experimentation and high fashion in one frame, MHM has time and again proven his work can be considered a statement that is out of the box, always! We can’t help but love the aesthetic he brings to the table!


Stopstyle is all about bringing that youth component to the classic game of fashion photography, and that has been doing them well when it comes to playing alongside the big names of the industry. Their work is at par in creativity and concepts and they’re surely a name to watch out for!

Hamza Baande

A new name to the industry, Hamza Baande has proven that not only can he do great conceptual editorials where he’s intertwined social cause and fashion, but can also make sure his aesthetics are always en pointe. 

Which fashion photographer is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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