Celebrities extend their support to Kashmir and urge the world to wake up

Following the tensions in Kashmir, the hashtags #StandWithKashmir and #KashmirBleeding have been a top trend on Twitter for days now. People are sending prayers to Kashmir and are speaking up against the violence happening in Kashmir. Even our celebrities stand united against the violence happening in Kashmir:


Humayun Saeed too came out to support the cause and stand with Kashmir:


Shahid Afridi too demanded that the Kashmiris be given their rights:


Mehwish Hayat urged the world to wake up  and put an end to the sufferings of the Kashmiris:


Osman Khalid Butt demanded that the voices of Kashmiris be heard:


Muniba Mazari was praying for peace:


Shaan Shahid tweeted a picture of Modi and said the blood of Kashmiris will never wash away from his hands:


Faysal Quraishi too shared he will always be standing with Kashmir:


Hareem Farooq wanted to know why the world was quiet about this issue:


Farhan Saeed tweeted how this was just unacceptable:


Mawra spoke out against authorities who are to safe guard human rights but have been silent on the matter:


Feroze Khan too stood with Kashmir:


Armeena Khan too shared how it was time to take a stand against the injustice in Kashmir:


Fakhr-e-Alam sent his prayers:


Ali Rehman Khan was furious over how there was no news coverage about the situation:


Bilal Ashraf was heart broken:


Urwa too sent prayers:


Singer Annie Khalid too shared how upset she was:


Hamza Ali Abbasi was proud how this cause had everyone united:



We at Diva send our prayers and thoughts to Kashmir and our brothers and sisters suffering there. Here’s to hoping that better sense prevails. #WeStandWithKashmir

  1. Stop torture, racism, genocide, oppression of kashmiri civilians. Free Kashmir and condom invasion through military.
    Modi will pay high price while his hands are tinted with blood of Muslim civilians of Kashmir.

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