Nouman Ejaz’s Hot Take On Cheating & Not Getting Caught Goes Viral & People Have A Lot To Say!

There’s no doubt that Nouman Ejaz is one of the finest actors in the industry right from the very start. To celebrate his acting skills he was invited to Iffat Omer’s show where his candid take on cheating and not getting caught has been creating waves on social media!

After this clip went viral, people have been greatly disappointed and there’s a lot they’ve got to say:

People found Iffat Omar’s reaction even more problematic:


Some were guessing his wife’s reaction to the interview:

People were disgusted:

Some weren’t surprised:

People were sharing what would babe happened if the rules would have been reversed:


Many thought that her wife probably knew:

He’s an intelligent man after all:


Utterly disgusting!

People were so done:

Shots were fired:

The joke’s on him:

Some had their speculations:

Some were actually lauding his honesty:

What do you think about Nouman Ejaz’s take on cheating? Let us know in the comments below!

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