Divided by borders, united by Rooh Afza

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Rooh Afza is that one drink that completes Ramadan for majority of the Muslims around the world, and seriously, nothing can ever be more refreshing than a chilled glass of Rooh Afza at Iftar.


Now this meme maybe true for most of us in Pakistan but our brethren in India cannot relate because the iconic drink has been off the shelves since the past four months. According to India’s Hamdard Laboratories, a lack of raw material is the cause of the shortfall. However, according to some sources, a dispute among company owners is hampering supply. But whatever be the reason, the Indians were upset and the hashtag #RoohAfza was trending in no time.




Yaaas, preach!


Some couldn’t believe the fan following Rooh Afza has:

Many shared their love for the drink

Some said it was the nostalgia that it bought


Some were wondering why the drink hadn’t been declared anti-national


This guy really sums up what Rooh Afza is to its fans


And then here’s our favourite tweet of them all


People quickly came forward to help those who were in search at the few shops they saw it available:


After reports of the shortage circulated online, in a tweet, the head of Hamdard Laboratories Pakistan, Osama Qureshi, offered to supply it to India through the Wagah border.


Divided by borders but united by Rooh Afza!




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