Nida Yasir Faces Backlash For Inviting Marwah’s Parents & Asking Insensitive Questions!

Nida Yasir and her morning show often find themselves amid controversy, but things have gotten too far this time!

Nida Yasir invited 5 year old Marwah’s traumatised parents to the show only to ask the most insensitive questions from the grieving couple. Netizens quickly took notice of the situation and are now running a hashtag asking PEMRA to ban the show altogether:

People were sharing PEMRA’s details where collective complains can be launched:

People were appalled at the insensitivity:

People were disappointed:

People were calling shows like hers ‘cancer for the society:’

People were just so done with it:

People were fuming with anger:

People really had a lot to say:

People found it to be shameful:

Many had already registered their complaints:

People thought she was taking advantage of their misery for TRPs:

People thought she had lost her mind:

Never underestimate the power of social media:

People were calling it a crime:

People were disgusted:

People had questions:

What are your thoughts on Nida’s show and her insensitive questions from the already traumatised parents? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I agree with all of them! I felt so uncomfortable watching the parents. She needs to apologize to the Parents on Screen!

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