Cavit Cetin Guner Is In Pakistan & Fans Just Can’t Keep Calm!

It’s been a happening day for all the Ertugrul fans as Cavit Cetin Guner who plays Dogan Alp landed in Islamabad today!

And Pakistanis have left no stone unturned to welcome him, from social media hashtags to welcome posters, the citizens are very excited!

People have been sharing little snippets of his visit so far:

People were welcoming him to the land of hospitality:

People were hoping that he enjoys his trip to Pakistan:

The hashtag became a means of showing love to the man:

People were sharing what they love about him:


There was a long list of Welcomes:

Fans were pledging that Turkey and Pakistan will remain inseparable:

Fans were desperate to see him!

People also threw shade at Yasir Hussain:

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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