Nida Dar, Who Was Recently Shamed By Abdul Razzaq, Becomes The First Pakistani Cricketer To Score 100 T20i Wickets!

Our girl Nida Dar knows no limits when it comes to chasing her dreams and that’s what makes her one of our favourite players in the country!

Recently bullied by Abdul Razzaq for being too manly, Nida’s achievements are speaking for themselves as she becomes the first Pakistani cricketer to score a 100 wickets in T20i, the previous record belonged to Shahid Afridi with a score of 97 wickets.

And the netizens want to know if Abdul Razzaq is doing okay:

We hope he is, to see Nida prosper!

Haha, time to go underground:

Hoping he’s preparing an apology:




You go, girl!

Yes it is!

People were just so proud of her!


It sure is!

Women are the future!

We agree!

Congratulations were pouring in!

What do you think about Nida Dar’s new feat? Let us know in the comments below!

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