Nick Jonas says ‘Salam Pakistan’ and people are asking him if he’s done venting!

As a part of promotions for his upcoming movie Jumanji The Next Level, Nick Jonas of all the people, recorded a video clip asking the people to watch the film:

Earlier this year, Priyanka faced a lot of criticism after she posted a war glorifying tweet amidst tensions between India and Pakistan. Things got even more critical after she asked a Muslim girl who questioned her pro-war stance and asked her if she was done venting.

Nick’s ‘Salam Pakistan’ has been going viral all over social media and the internet wants to know if he’s done venting:

People were quoting more from Priyanka’s replies:

Some thought Nick will be sleeping on the couch, ouch!

People were loving the way he said Salam:

Nick, what is this behaviour?

Just a tiny pinch of salt:

Some were straight up mad:


Uh oh, Nick blink twice if you need help:

Some answered his salaam and then politely went on to explain what the problem was:

Some were concerned for Priyanka:

What shall we call this chapter?

People were not amused:


That’s one way to look at it:

Okay for real, the more you look at it the more you realize it’s true:

Et tu, Nick?

Some had theories:

Some tweeted how Priyanka was gearing up to welcome Nick:

Dead 😂



Not the aag Priyanka was expecting:

What do you think about marketing Jumani this way? Let us know in the comments below!

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