New Zealand kicks India out of the WC and Pakistanis think it’s karma

The World Cup semi finals have started and the Pakistanis were all support for New Zealand yesterday against India! And New Zealand really gave India a hard time. And despite not qualifying for the semi-finals, the hashtag #IndvsNZ was trending all over Pakistan


The netizens bought their A game to the table making hilarious memes!


Haha, gotta love Williamson!


Karma sure is a bitch…


Even Fahad Mustafa agrees:


One word: legend


That guy could see the future!




Even Anushka made an appearance in the memes:


I mean…


See, that’s Pakistan:


You tell us!



Sub kuch badal gaya!


Yeh cheeeez!


Hunn araam ay?




Carbs over gym!






YES! Sharing is caring after all.



Ja India, jee lay apni zindagi


Hum sath sath hain…


We love Williamson!


Looks like India has bad luck when it comes to cups




I swear, this country loves cricket!


Real fastttt


References to Abhinandan were made…




Haye, mazzay!


The reactions of the Indian fans though >>>>


Jija ho toh aiaa!


What do you think about India losing? Let us know in the comments below!

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