Netizens Are Sharing The Shows They’d Recommend As The PM & It’s So Much Fun!

It was a single tweet by PM Imran Khan that had the nation going crazy about Ertugrul! Keeping in mind the likes of the nation, PM recently tweeted out the suggestion for another series titled Yunus Emre and people just can’t wait to watch it.

Taking cues from the PM, netizens are sharing what shows they’d recommend if they were the PM, and the replies are awesome!

Hahaha, dying at the suggestion in the end:

Now that’s a responsible PM:

People were sharing their favourites!



Heck yes!

PM ho ya dushman?

Love it!

Much needed:

Lmao, the nation already watches it!



Oh, definitely!


Keep up, y’all!

The mightiest of them all!

Yar 😂

For sure!

Yeh cheez!


Sub ne dekha hua hai!

What show would you have recommended if you were the PM? Share with us in the comments below!

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