Netizens Are Sharing The Bravest Things They’ve Done & We’re Proud Of Them!

In a society where being brave doesn’t come easy, netizens are sharing their stories of the bravest things they’ve done in life:

And while the tweets may sound upsetting, they’ll leave you with renewed hope and courage to do that very thing you’ve been hesitant to do:



The most important thing you can do for yourself:

More power to you and your brother:

That’s all you need!


We all have different definitions of brave and different ideas that define brave:

Whenever you’re ready ❤

Yaaaas, girl!

Takes a lot of courage:

Oh man:

That’s the spirit:


We’re proud of you too!

It is what it is:

This is so important:

Girl, you’re amazing!

And made the best out of it?

No achievement is small:


Can imagine!

Share motivation pls:


Yes girl, slap ’em hard!

Glad you did:


We salute you!

What’s the bravest thing you’ve done for yourself? Share with us in the comments below!

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