Netizens Add Fitting Scenarios To Aamir Liaquat’s Fall In A Live Show & We’re ROFL

Aamir Liaquat may be a man of many talents, but racing just might not be his forte! The 48 year-old appeared in a live show yesterday where he competed against Naseem Hameed, the fastest runner of South Asia, in a small race.

But things didn’t go too well for Aamir Liaquat as he fell during the end. And it wasn’t just the race that he won, his fall made it to the internet and social media is flooded with memes and hilariously relatable scenarios that people have been adding to the clip!


Yar 😂


Usain Bolt who?


Uh oh:

10/10 can relate!

Girl, stop!

Hahaha, why is this so accurate:

People were calling him the elite content creator of Pakistan:

People were calling him the most versatile actor in the industry:

That’s one way to look at the fall:

Whyyyyy 😂

The only cameo we needed:

Learn something from him, y’all!


What’s your favourite scenario? Let us know in the comments below!

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