#GiveRoyaltiesToArtists: Pakistani Artists Stand United For The Cause!

A few weeks back a heart breaking video of the ailing veteran actress Naila Jaffery made waves on social media, giving rise to the hashtag #GiveRoyaltiesToArtists. And while most celebrities chose to remain silent on the matter, they’ve now united as a whole and are demanding that all artists be given the royalties for their work.

On Sunday evening, Pakistani celebrities, actors, writers, producers and the teams turned to social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter, and their unity is applaudable!

Humayun Saeed too shared how it was about time everyone got paid their royalties:

They were demanding for their legal rights and nor charity for when they’re sick:

Asad Siddiqui took to Twitter to share that this is the time to stand united:

And while everyone was posting the hashtag, Armeena took the time to educate the general public on what royalties for artists mean:


Sanam Saeed thought it was time to play fair!

Syed Jibran wanted the stolen right to be given back!

Film maker Furqan was proud to have started the trend by posting Naila’s video:

Writer and producer Asma Nabeel shared her thoughts:

And while the celebrities were fighting for their rights, they found the netizens by their side:

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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