McDonald’s Collaborated With BTS For A Meal & Pakistani Fans Are Not Calm!

McDonald’s has announced they are teaming up with one of the biggest icons in the world right now — BTS.

The collaboration with the Grammy nominated band features a one-of-a-kind BTS meal which will come with photo cards featuring the seven members at participating restaurants worldwide and BTS armies are super excited! With the collab meal being available almost 50 countries, Pakistan armies were left heartbroken after they found out that Pakistan wasn’t in the list.


And they have since then been trending the hashtag #BringBTSMcDealInPakistan requesting McDonalds to bring the deal here as well:

And here’s what they’ve got to say!

Yes, please!


Fans from other countries noticed the hashtag and appealed that the meal be available in Pakistan:

Ayyy, taetae!

Fans were quick to share their reactions before and after finding out that the meal wasn’t going to be available in Pakistan:

People found it unfair:

Hahaha, can we join?

WE DOOOO *peak Kim Seokjin energy*

Can you look at me cause I’m blue and grey~

Fans had their orders ready, but let us remind you, Jimin is ours:


Bye y’all!

We’re wheezing 😂


Lmao 😂

That’s going to be us, Mochi card!

Armies were literally bribing McDonald’s at this point:


Living for this Hobi energy:

True 😭

Wish it came with a side of BTS 😩

We’re desperately waiting for the McDeal to launch in Pakistan, are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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