Nation Wishes For PM Imran Khan & Bushra Bibi To Get Well Soon After They Tests Positive For COVID-19


The pandemic and it’s the third wave has taken over Pakistan too, and it has affected PM Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi who have tested positive for corona today.

PM Imran Khan just had his first dose of the corona vaccine 2 days ago and the nation has been praying for the PM to get well soon!

Molana Tariq Jamil too shared that he was praying:

PM Modi too wished Imran Khan a speedy recovery:

Fellow politicians too kept their differences aside and wished the PM a speedy recovery:

Yes, please!

A lot of people were also spreading misinformation to support their anti-vaccine theories:

Ministry of Health also tweeted to clarify that the vaccine was not why he contracted the virus:

People were also addressing the rumours and Whatsapp messages circulating claiming that he contracted the virus from the vaccine:

People wanted Imran Khan to take this opportunity to educate the anti-vax awaam:

People were sending messages of hope for the PM:

People were sharing how the vaccines work:

The collective prayers and love from people were reminiscent:

People from the entertainment industry too wished him a speedy recovery:

Here’s hoping that the PM and First Lady Bushra Bibi make a speedy recovery along with everyone else affected, and the rest start taking extra precautions and follow SOPs for their safety! Have anything to the story, do so in the comments below!

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