Nation observes 5th anniversary of the APS tragedy today

Remembering the innocent lives lost in #APSPeshawar attack on 16th of December 2014, a tragedy that left the nation with an irreplaceable loss. The nation is remembering its brave martyrs that sacrificed their lives in war against terrorism.

5 years after the horrific massacre, the wounds are still as fresh and the hearts still ache. Hashtags regarding the attack have been trending all over social media:

And people are saluting the young martyrs that left us a little too soon:

We pray the world never has to witness anything like this:


Humare phool:

Gaye the school bus mei, magar aye ambulance mei:

Heart wrenching:

Waqar Zaka shared what a traumatized eye witness had to say:


Their hearts so pure, eyes so innocent:

He deserves it!

No child should go through something like this:

The pain, the sense of loss is something one can never get used to:

This is heart breaking:


You should, you’re a warrior!

Team diva stands in solidarity with the families of the APS martyrs and hope that we make the world a better place for our children.

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