Mrs. Khan is regretful after being slammed for her patriarchal views


An interview of a famous matchmaker Mrs. Khan went viral and garnered tons of criticism and support at the same time. Some thought the message could have been conveyed in a much polite manner and some were rooting for her, it was a crazy mess! In a recent interview, Mrs. Khan was invited and questioned about the viral clip and here’s what she has to say:


She starts off by sharing how she was bullied for the past couple of days at the hands of many women who did not even spare her at 3-4am in the morning. When asked to elaborate about the viral clip, Mrs. Khan, in a very sensitive and mature way handled the situation and shared that she might have come off as an advocate of patriarchy in the clip but it is not what she believes in.


She then added how she is all about women empowerment and acknowledges that times have changed widely. She also encouraged working women and said that there’s nothing wrong in hiring house help and honestly, she’s definitely redeemed herself for many!


She also added how it is equally important for men to take care of their wives and that she would never support a man who raises his hand on his wife or expects her to be a full time maid.


And people were ready to forgive her:


People loved how the host tackled the issue:


Some thought of her as everyone’s typical family with an access to public platform:


And while her interview was loved by many, there were people who still weren’t convinced:


Many thought of her high blood pressure as an excuse:


Men were tweeting out how they help their wives:


The sarcasm!


People were blaming the channel for ‘destroying the culture’


With all that being said, do you think Mrs. Khan deserves all the bullying she’s been facing? Do you agree with her thoughts in the latest interview? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Mrs. Khan is absolutely right…I 100% agree with her comments. A lady should be like that…if she want to surround her house with love.

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