Mohsin Abbas Haider shared his side of the story but the internet isn’t buying it




After being accused of domestic violence and cheating, Mohsin Abbas Haider called for a press conference which was aired live for everyone to watch


During the press conference Mohsin was under the oath of Quran and he revealed how the couple was having problems settling in together and how they weren’t on the same page which led to numerous fights between them. He also revealed that Fatema and him were not living together for the past 5-6 months. He also denied the allegations of beating her and said that the pictures Fatema shared are from when she fell down the stairs.


Soon after the allegations were made by Fatema, she was warned by many for what’s to come:


People were hopeless:


As the press conference stared making rounds on the internet, the netizens were torn between who to believe, most of them didn’t buy a single word he said:


People found the press conference rather funny:


It was a CON-ference after all:


People also noticed how he hadn’t denied the claims of beating her:


Haha, zero marks for creativity in the story:


Shots were fired:


Dusri shadi pe hi Islam yaad ajata hai subko:


People were mocking him for playing the religion card without even thinking that his affair was the last thing his religion would want from him:


Han bhaee, Islami saza chahiye?


People were mad at him for playing the SYED card:


People quickly picked up on the discrepencies in his side of the story:


Not sure if biwi or maasi?


Some had interesting theories:


Many thought he was just beating around the bush:


Someone shared screenshots of a picture Nazish Jehangir shared with the caption ‘mine:’


A man like Mohsin Abbas Haider:


Some found it unusual and unnecessary for him to bring in his taxes:


Some kept a close eye on his body language:


Expectations were broken…


Rightly said, meaningless:


Spot on!


Some thought the presser was down right ridiculous:


Many shared reasons for not believing him:


But ‘i PaY tAxEs AnD bILLs:’


A ton of people thought his toxic and narcissist attitude needed to go away:


People were just not convinced that the bruises Fatema had were from falling down the stairs:


Many wanted to try it on him, for science, just to compare the bruises:


Many were unsure why he’d point out Fatema playing the woman card and then bring in the religion card:


The entire press conference in a nutshell:


Oh, definitely!


Let it sink in:


People bought up snippets from.a recent interview where Mohsin talked about having a really short and abusive temper:


Mard bari pyari cheez hai…


Many changed sides:


Many wanted to steer clear of passing anymore judgments now that the Holy book was involved:



With that being said, we believe that abuse has no other side, #TimesUp!

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