Mehwish Hayat’s efforts to save hockey have finally paid off!


Mehwish Hayat has never failed to make us proud. Her very recent attempt to bring attention to the poor condition of hockey stadiums and the game in general paid off when the government took notice of the state of hockey in the country and we are immensely proud of her!



Mehwish started this mission not by the comfort of her home, but by actually visiting the stadiums and meeting the teams:






Not only did she just visit to highlight the issue, but she also came up with ideas to boost hockey:



The channel Geo promised to broadcast the semi-finals and finals of the National Hockey Championship live:


And alas, her efforts finally paid off:


People were lauding her for the success:




People were proud of her:





People were appreciating her for the effort and wished more celebrities would follow her footsteps:



Indeed, she will be remembered for it:


We absolutely stan a diva who puts her fame and power to the right use, Mehwish, you make us proud girl!

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