Bakra Eid is almost here and people just can’t contain their excitement!


Eid ul Azha is right around the corner which means you’ll probably be hearing mehhs and moohs of the sacrificial animals everywhere you go. And while this Eid is all about the boys enjoying their trips to mandi and walking their animals, the internet is really excited for it!


Sis, the only eidi we get is gosht:


All the women signing up for the Eid Project *cries*


Many were showing off their animals bought from their own money in this economy:


Han bhai, kahan se liya?


Very soon!


People were sharing how we’ll be served mutton for every meal for the next few days:


Preparations are in full swing:




Some gave tips on having the full week off:


Tu cheez bari hai mast mast~


Scene on and gaayein down:


Kuch zikar Babar Azam ka bhi hua:


Independence day is also falling amidst the eid holidays and people had a lot to say:




Some were appalled at the prices:


Humain bhi, please, adulting is tough:


Kon hain yeh loug?


Comparisons were made:


People shared their plans 😂


Some had hairstyle ideas for their friends:


And shoe suggestions too, to match with your animal:


Any guesses?


To all the Aroojs in the country:


Are you excited for Eid? Let us know in the comments below!

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