Mehwish Hayat’s dance rehearsal video raises controversy & people have a lot of opinions

As the Hum Awards came to an end, Mehwish Hayat shared a video from her dance rehearsals featuring Ahsan Khan on her social media:

And while Mehwish was really excited to share the rehearsals, the internet wasn’t really ready for it:

Ummm, trying to find the logic here:

Of course there was the mention of the riasat-e-Madina:

Wait, what?

Not sure if sarcasm or tharak?

Chanda jokes were made:

Some more jokes about Sitara-e-Imtiaz were made:

Inki suno zara:

Some figured out she was a ghadaar because of the clothes she was wearing:

You tell us behen?

And then there were body shamers:

Aray, kehna kya chahtay ho bhai?

Okay, Nimra:

Some legit didn’t like the choreography:

And while many were busy arguing on clothes, weight and awards, there were some who genuinely loved her performance:

Many came forward to defend her:

Some found the performance to be energetic, which it was:

Shots were fired!

Loving the sarcasm here:

Yeh cheez!



But regardless of what people said, Mehwish’s performance was one of the most loved performance at the Hum Awards:

What are your thoughts on Mehwish’s performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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