This woman thinks Yasir Hussain shouldn’t wear shorts with hairy legs, gets schooled by people

Another day, another desi trying to bodyshame a celebrity, because that’s our birth right, haina? A girl who apparently goes by the name Mehak, has a problem with men, Yasir Hussain to be specific, wearing shorts on their hairy legs, which is ummm, kinda weird but hey, its the internet and anything can happen really:

Mehak posted a picture of Iqra and Yasir Hussain to Twitter, sharing how men with an apparent amazon forest should not wear shorts. But the internet made sure she learns her lesson:

People told her how it was only natural to have body hair:

This must have hit hard:

The questions we need to be asking:


Jo baat hai!

Its not that hard, really.

Apparently some men also hopped in to suggest using veet before wearing shorts:

Yeh bhi sahi hai…

Some tried telling her its natural:

And then we had some people who genuinely overlooked the stupidity in the tweet and commented on how happy the two looked together:

People reminded her how this was body shaming:

But isn’t this her birth right?

Many were looking at the bright side:

Many were pissed!

Many shared how if the same was said against Iqra, the reaction would have been stronger:

And while many spoke out against the body shaming, there were many who agreed with her:

But she wasn’t alone, there were people who came forward to shame Iqra as well:

And then came in the moral brigade:

If anything, we’re proud of people standing up against body shaming regardless of the gender! What do you guys think about the tweet and public’s stance on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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