Here’s why people think ‘Heer Maan Ja’ is an entertaining roller coaster ride!

With all three films releasing this Eid Ul Azha out, the crowds are flocking to the cinemas to check out what’s on offer and what to spend their money on. One film, which has won people over with its comedy and is getting the crowds roaring is Heer Maan Ja.

What makes it worth a watch?

The Chemistry

Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan share a great camaraderie off-screen, and it shows here too. There’s a fun element to their chemistry in the film and fans seem to be loving that.

The Humour

There’s a plethora of humour in this film and that seems to be receiving the laughter that it deserves. For anyone who wants the lighter side of life on screen, Heer Maan Ja is proving to be of help.

The Action

It’s a romantic comedy through and through, but it seems people seem to be enjoying the bit of action this film has to show! It’s really the right type of addition the film needed.

The Music

The film has a mix of thumping beats and romantic songs that make it something that has made it to the cine-goers’ playlists. There’s a bit of everything here which people can’t help but love!

The Acting

Along with leads Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan, the film’s additional ensemble of Faizan Shaikh and Mojiz Hasan are hilarious in Heer Maan Ja. The way they lift up the film has been a total crowd pleaser!

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  1. A must watch, because of the production quality, music, acting, and story line. The best one from IRK FLIMS till now. Go and watch

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