Meghan Markle’s Explosive Interview Has Twitter Flooded With Hilarious Memes!

All hell broke loose on Sunday after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry met Oprah for an explosive interview where Meghan opened up about her mental health, racist tones to inquiring about her son Archie’s skin colour before he was born, while Prince Harry shared that his father hasn’t been taking or returning any calls among other things.

And while the claims made by Meghan were a serious matter, desis found the saas-bahu tiff a little too relatable, and they’ve been making memes ever since the interview aired!

Iss pe toh naraazgi banti hai:


Why is this so accurate 😂

Even Queen has to worry about “loug kya kaheinge:”

Set ka mazaak nahi:

People were also comparing Oprah to Samina Peerzada and her show:

All saases!

Yeh humara throne hai, yeh hum hain…

All desi aunties when they hear of a love marriage:

Pakistanis rocked, Oprah shocked!

Gora complex:

A small intimate nikkah like half the Twitter wants?

For all the K3G fans out there!


What do you guys think about these memes? Let us know in the comments below!

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