Students Get Played By Shafqat Mahmood’s Parody Account & Ek Dum Se Waqt Badal Gaya, Haalat Badal Gaye!

In the wake of the third wave of the corona virus, students have been desperately looking at Shafqat Mahmood to close schools and shift physical classes to online classes.

Amid the chaos, a parody account of Shafqat Mahmood tweeted exactly what the students wanted to hear:

And if we’re being honest, even we fell for it at the first glance!

All of us, sis!

The pain!

People were ghamgeen:

It did!

Students were tweeting their reactions:


A myriad of feelings:

Always make it a habit to check the deets:


Now they all are gonna laugh at you:

They be playin’ each other:



Khel gaya boy:


Imagine the scenes later:

Boy had almost everyone fooled:

For real, chappal khayega!

Dil toots:

Did the tweet have you at first glance too? Let us know in the comments below!

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