Meet The Skipping Sikh Who Is Bringing the World Closer One Skip at a Time!

The world may still be reeling from the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, but some have tried their best to make the most of it. One such example is 73-year-old, Rajinder Singh, who is keeping himself and others fit by becoming the ‘Skipping Sikh.’

Going viral for all the right reasons, the British septuagenarian has tried to inculcate the habit of keeping fit amidst the people in his Sikh community who are of his age, and since then, he’s gone absolutely viral!

The idea came about when Mr Singh, who is an active runner, couldn’t figure out what he’d do amidst the strict lockdown in The UK.


“My purpose behind this was to help others especially elders who are in their 70s to stay active and fit during this time,” Rajinder Singh told Diva. “My daughter said ‘dad we need to start the skipping challenge and let’s get everyone involved,’ so she filmed me skipping and then posted it on Twitter and it went viral overnight. People started to send in their skipping videos and joining in.

The now-viral videos have garnered international attention, and countless people have joined in on the challenge to keep themselves fit like Mr Singh. The Skipping Sikh has since then also become a way through which the viral star has raised funds for the National Health Service (NHS) in Britain.

Mr Singh has also expressed his gratitude over the video amassing a following of a large number of people, who have not only become a part of his drive to keep fit but also have come together as a global community amidst the quarantine.

“I feel so humbled and blessed that a short video clip of skipping has gone viral globally and made so many people skip,” he said. “The messages sent in from everyone just makes me feel so grateful that through exercise videos, it has inspired and motivated others to join in and sent lots of smiles worldwide. I thank everyone who’s contacted us and sent heartwarming messages.”

Mr Singh plans to keep the mission of the Skipping Sikh continuing and hopes it will help elder people keep fit during the lockdown.

“I’ll continue these exercise videos throughout lockdown and beyond as I want to help elders to not feel age is a barrier and it doesn’t matter what age you are, we can all do some form of exercise and health is wealth, Mr Singh explained.”

You can check out the latest videos from the viral star here.

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