This Girl Tells The Story Of Every Household And Proves All Desi Moms Are Much The Same!

No matter what you do, you can never beat a desi mum and her passion for recycling, from using danish cookie boxes for stitching supplies to storing curries in ice cream boxes, you’re always in for a surprise!

And the plastic bottles are no exception:

After a girl shared how her mom went to the lengths of actually removing the packaging from the juice bottle, the internet can’t help but relate!

Haha, gotta love the surprise factor!

Good grip is everything!

You learn something new everyday:

Many shared how their moms didn’t even remove the packaging for aesthetic purposes 😂

Just playin’ our part 👀

People were sharing how they actually make great bottles:



Lmaoooo, some came back with pictures to prove!

Some were drooling at the figure…

“Loug kya kaheinge”

Don’t even get us started on the innovation, they’re queens!

Some had questions of their own:

Raise your hand if you can relate!

Like we said, you just can’t beat them!

Does your mom do the same? Because ours does! Let us know in the comments below!

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