Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s mutual friend testifies against Meesha

One of the latest developments in the Meesha-Ali Zafar case happened when Meesha’s childhood friend came forward and recorded a statement that goes on favor of Ali Zafar.

The witness who goes by the name Sara Razee stated that she has known Meesha since grade Vll and narrated an incident that took place after the alleged incident of harassment as claimed by Meesha Shafi.

“I remember meeting Meesha with Ali and distinctly remember this night because of two reasons, one Meesha was wearing an interesting dress attire, secondly we were upstairs at HSY’s house and there was a sofa bench splitting his lounge into two. There were people on both sides of this bench. I remember distinctly Meesha to cross over this bench to meet Ali,” said the witness. She also added, “I was startled because the normal way to meet somebody was to go around the room and say ‘hello’. However, Meesha decided to jump over the bench in excitement of seeing Ali. I did not notice any reservation on Meesha’s part towards Ali.”

It should also be noted that the witness, Sara Razee, also happens to know Ali Zafar for over 20 years now.

This new development goes against Meesha Shafi, who in an old interview, straight up denied meeting Ali Zafar in a party hosted by HSY. Both the accounts of Meesha and Sara are polar opposites:

After this new revelation, people have been more confused than ever and shared their feelings on Twitter:

Some were confused:

Some picked up on fine details:

Some were disappointed:

And some just wanted to put an end to this fiasco:

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  1. .. she herself fails to have any reputation whatso ever ..: the side girl of every socialite makes claims on another one that does not make sense, i arent supporting meesha shafi/ali but come on , we need some reputable person to proof this case not another piece of the same cake! ali zafar should have kept his social life under control, u cant act like a casa nova & not get in trouble! ! you arent in bollywood sir ! you are a married man with kids other than being a star , ayesha zafar was too busy partying with her friends rather than keeping a check on what mr ali zafar is upto, same goes for meesha shafi stop acting like a brat punk star , you aren’t miley cyrus either , whoever wins the case ! reputation lost is never coming back, nomatter which side of the me too star wins! it was a sexual harassment case

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