Medical Students Share Their Struggle To Get MBBS Degree & We Feel Them!

Health care professionals are some of the most hard working people you’ll come across, from learning everything in their think books to 72 hour long shifts at the hospitals, doctors are a blessing!

And today people are sharing what it took them to complete their MBBS and the list just doesn’t seem to end!

Not cool!

Some shared how the real stress actually starts once you’re done!

But it’s worth it, no?

Loveline? :p


Jo baat hai!

People were agreeing:

Yar 😭

So basically, everything!

Good genes ma’am and qismat 😂

And while many healthcare professionals added to the list, people from other professions had a say too!

Architects too shared the toll their studies took on them!


CA students too shared their fair share of ghams:

And then there were some jinka bagheir MBBS kiye hi sub barbaad tha 😂

Do you agree with what these people have to say? Let us know in the comments below!

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