Manzar Sehbai’s Love For Wife Samina Has Pakistanis Believing In True Love!

If there’s one couple we really adore, it’s Manzar Sehbai and Samina Ahmed’s, the two got married in 2020 and since then, have been giving their fans glances of their married life through Instagram.

Clearly very much in love, we often see Manzar Sehbai sharing pictures of the beautiful Samina with the most heart warming captions:

And the netizens are in awe!

We know right 💕

It’s the captions for us ❤


Yes, girl!

Same 😭




All of us after Manzar Sehbai raising the bar:

Don’t we all?



True love really does find a way 🧿🧿🧿

Pyari baat:

Too cute!

Oof 💕

People were sharing how Manzar Sehbai is teaching the youth how to love:

What do you think about the captions? Aren’t they wholesome? Let us know in the comments below!

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