Man Faces Twitter Flak For Comparing Pakistani Cricketers & Their Social Media Game To Indian Cricketers!

When it comes to cricket between the iconic rivals Pakistan and India, cricketers often find themselves being compared to one another, some for their performance and some for their opinions. But today they’re being compared for the social media game:

Taking to twitter, a man shared how Pakistani cricketers should up their social media game, dress well, speak better English because it adds value to them, but people disagree!

Jo baat hai!

People didn’t find the need for cricketers to be influencers:

People found his take weird:

Some found that there was no room for comparison:


Yeh cheez!

Many shared how Pandya was hardly the example cricketers should follow:


People were sharing cricketers who were getting the job done without SM presence:

People were sharing how social media has nothing to do with the game:


We can’t either!


It’s just as simple as this!

Shots were fired:

People did agree on some things:


What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!

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