Making your work desk cozy

We all spend most of our time burrowed in work, I mean this article wasn’t going to write itself, duh! Whether it’s your dream job or not, decorating your work space can actually be a fun (read: less miserable) way to spend time at work and it also affects your productivity. Here’s how you can turn your boring desk/cubicle into a fun and cozy hub of creativity.


If you can’t go to the nature, bring nature onto your desk. Research shows that plants can increase your productivity by 15% while improving the air quality of your workplace. Opt for low maintenance greens according to the amount of sunlight your desk gets.

Creative Calendar

You may not quite be there to have a calendar full of meetings but let’s be real, that’s where you want to be. Pop a calendar onto your desk and mark your deadlines, cheat days, birthdays or whatever just to get the ‘feels’ of having a full calendar. With so many options out there, choose one that you love most. I personally prefer a little something with a positive or a witty quote, but you do you.

Bulletin Board

If your workspace allows, get one right now! It’s a fun way to stay on top of things, you can pin notes, favourite quotes, pictures, reminders or anything at all as long as it’s not appropriate. It will add a whole lot of life to your boring cubicle.


If you hate fluorescent lighting at work (which btw, welcome to club), then invest in a small lamp to lighten up your creative juices while adding warmth and mood to the work station. Also, the amazing work selfies, you’re welcome!

Pillow/back support/neck pillow

Since we’re bring real, office chairs are never the right amount of comfortable. But having your own pillow/cushion/back support totally changes the game. Trust me, your bum and posture will thank you by the end of the day.

Fun Supplies

Another sure shot way to add some funk to your desk is by adding colourful stationary onto it.


We’ve all forgotten our noise cancelling headphones at home at some point in our work life. If your workplace is generally noisy and distracts you, then keeping a pair of headphones in your drawer will ensure you’re never distracted again.

A pinch of positivity and motivation

A little bit of achi baatein never hurt anyone. Make sure you always have your dose of motivation and positivity nearby. It can either be on your bulletin board, calendar or even in your drawer.

Personal Care Items

It’s always a great idea to have your basic personal care items in your drawer at all times. Things like your lip balm, hand cream, sanitizer, deo, comb, extra hair bands, mirror etc.


Some days, we really need a treat! And that’s when the snack in your drawer will come in handy.

Air Humidifier

Who doesn’t want to breathe better? Invest in a tiny air humidifier and never breathe dry again.


Always, always, always have your prescribed medicines in your work desk, an anti-allergy, inhaler for blocked nose, basic medicines and extra band-aids in your drawer.

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