Mahira Khan’s mother proves how all desi moms are very touchy about their cutlery!

No matter what you do, you can never win an argument with a desi mum. They’re cute, they’re cuddly and they have the most savage comebacks! And just like every other daughter, Mahira Khan shares how she accidentally broke a plate and heard her mom say exactly what any desi mom would say:

And the replies had people realising how desi moms are very touchy when it comes to their cutlery:

True that!

The pause is there for added build up:

“Sari tordoh beta, apke tornay ke liye hi toh leen theen”

Some were sharing how they’d already be dead by now:

All moms have definitely had enough of the other maa a.k.a mobile phone:

Jo baat hai:


Haha, asal baat toh yehi hai:

Yar, amas and their unbeatable comebacks:

People were missing their moms and their daant:

The amount of times we’ve heard this:

And some would say paisay toh hum darakhton pe ugaatay hain na?

People found the encounter cute:

We’re all in the same boat:

We doubt!

In their defense, they’re helping us grow thick skin lol:

Some offered her jobs:

Some were in disbelief:

Lmao, some totally missed the point:

Actual goals!

People were loving it!

Aren’t all moms sarcastic?

Some were moved by her making tea for her mom:


How does your mom react when you break something? Let us know in the comments below!

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