Corona and its symptoms have people overthinking way too much!

Feeling so hot you’re sweating? Struggling to breathe? Got a mouth dryer than the Sahara? Don’t let your mind jump straight to ‘oh God, I have coronavirus’. You might be having a panic attack.

Feeling anxious amongst the covid19 pandemic is to be expected. We’re in scary times with misinformation flying about and a fear of what’s going on and what could happen next.
But while you can easily recognise when you’re having worried thoughts about coronavirus, you might not be able to identify the physical signs of struggling with anxiety – which, frustratingly, can be similar to the symptoms of the pandemic.

This can cause a dangerous cycle of panic. You worry about coronavirus, so your body creates what feels like symptoms of coronavirus, which you then take as evidence that you do actually have coronavirus… which leads to more anxiety and worsening symptoms.

Caught in the middle of their wild imagination and unfit quarantine lifestyle, people couldn’t help but agree with him!

Some had self-quarantined as well:

Corona nahi, wehem maardega humain toh:

Facts 😭

Some had suggestions:

Our friends feel the same!

Jo baat hai:

We do too!

Dil behlaanay ke liye khayal acha hai:

It’s just so confusing tbh:

Okay, now this is actually scary:

I think it’s a national feeling at the moment:

Some spill the beans already, asking for a friend…

Lmao, true that:

Sisters always putting us back in our place 😭

Sub trigger kerke rakha hua hai corona ne:

Now that is some serious planning!

How the tables have turned 😂

Must have been an awful scare:

Wehem ka koi ilaaj nai hai, someone tell him:

Chalo bhaee:

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