Mahira Khan defends her son against trolls and people are supporting her!

Being a celebrity is no easy feat. They constantly get toasted, grilled and fried for every little thing they do by people! With time, celebrities tend to grow thicker skin but don’t take any crap when it comes to their families. And Mahira Khan is no exception.

Mahira’s son Azlan Askari used his mom’s Twitter to contact composer, director and producer of Pokemon, Junichi Masuda, explaining how he and his friend have created a new Pokemon, and it would be a dream come true if his creation could be added in the Pokemon world.

Mahira defended her son Azlan Askari against trolls on Twitter and proudly claims her title as a celebrity.

And Mahira’s fans were rooting for Azlan to succeed!

Some were very supportive:

People were sending him love and prayers:

And while Azlan received tons of love and support, someone tweeted out how internet access should be taken away from celebrities during quarantine:

Disappointed with the trolling, Mahira Khan actually came back at the troll with facts and shared how her son spent an entire month working on the animation:

And the internet was standing with her!

People were finding her reply to be savage!

People were loving this side of her!

A queen indeed!

You really don’t want to mess with Mahira Khan the mommy:

*mic drop*

Some were sharing how people these days can make an issue out of anything:

Fans were proud of her for not being rude:

Some had suggestions for next time:

People were still in awe of Azlan for putting his time to good use:

People had apt gifs ready!

Some had just found out that she had a son 😂

True that, bachas are off limits!

People were sympathizing with her:

Some fans were not in favour of replying to trolls:

But Mahira had her reasons:

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