‘Bun kababs’ are trying to confuse the ‘burgers’ with things they’ve never seen & it’s hilarious

The burger vs bun Kabab battle has been going on since forever now! If you’re an Islamabadi you’re automatically a burger, if you’re a karachiite and live pull ke us paar, you’re a burger, and same with Lahoris! No matter what city you’re in, you’re either a burger or a bun kabab!

And today the twitterverse is busy confusing the burgers with things that they feel the burgers have no clue about. If you get most of the answers right, you’re a certified bun Kabab, if you get most of the answers wrong, you’re a burger!

Oh pleaseeee!

Yeh kisko nai pata hoga:

Batao batao!

Oooof, elite!

Yar 😭

We can literally smell this tweet!

Lmaooo, pretty sure yeh nai pata hoga:

Stepping into the warzone with this, moving forward with so much chun 😂

Han bhaee, yeh batao zara:

Only true bun kababs will know:

Haye, kya yaad dila diya!

An epic combo!

Magnum 😂

Gate to sukoon:

Oh, the memories!

1 mei 3 ke mazay:

Boojho toh jaanay:

Kabhi khhela hai inse?

Name the game!

The ultimate desi kid game boy:

How we miss having this!

Boo boo:

Remember this?

We can literally see this tweet:

Yeh nai dekha toh kya dekha?


Unka bhi dil hai yar 😂

Some thought the trend had gotten too far 😂

How many things did you identify correctly? Are you a burger or a bun kabab or a mix of both? Let us know in the comments below!

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