LUMS Announces 41% Increase In The Semester Fee And People Have A Lot To Say!

In trying times like these where people are struggling to make ends meet, LUMS has added to their worries by increasing the fee up to 41% which adds up around RS.140,000 to the existing fee, making it RS.482,000 per semester:

Appalled at the unfair percentage of hike, people have come together to protest against it with the hashtag #LUMSFeeHike:

Many shared how their parents reacted:

People were comparing the fee structures of some of the best universities in Pakistan:

People actually calculated the cost down to per minute at LUMS:

There were fitting memes:

The fee hike has parents under great stress:

Students just didn’t have the courage to reveal the new fee to their parents:

People were finally seeing LUMS for what it has been all these years:

Some were sharing how the hike is no big deal for the elites and how this is an attempt to drive middle class out:

We wish it didn’t have to be this way:

People were furious!

People think it’s about time the institution is held accountable:


People were sharing how this had put them under mental distress:

Being scammed in the name of a bright future at LUMS:

Some had suggestions:

As the news met with severe backlash, LUMS shared how the fee was decided upon before the pandemic:

But that too backfired as people found it to be callous and insensitive:

Some found the response to be absurd!

People found the response to be in bad taste:

People were also outraged at their comment on discouraging students from taking course overloads:

Some had genuine questions:

Needless to say, the statement did not make the impression it was trying to:

What do you think about the sudden fee hike? Let us know in the comments below!

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